Wellness is a combination of our physical, emotional and social well-being. Our wellness courses include, hair, beauty, makeup, nutrition and a lot more. Certified beauty professionals have complete knowledge of skin anatomy, and they apply their knowledge to provide non-medical care as per the client’s preference and needs. Certain beauty professionals specialize in specific kinds of beauty treatments, such as permanent hair removal or spa. Being a beautician is more similar to the artists, and the individuals involved in this career should possess good aesthetic sense. To become a professional beautician, there is a prerequisite. Any individual who is passionate about entering into the world of beauty and fashion can enroll in the certification course. There are several short-term and advanced courses to get specialized in hair care, skincare, hair styling, and other beauty treatments. After completing the course, people can prefer working with the reputed salon and spas, or they can start their own parlor after getting good exposure and experience. Certified beauticians have vast opportunities to work in the following roles: 

  1. Hair Stylist: Hairstylists are specialized and trained in providing various beauty services such as hair cutting, hair coloring, and styling. They are also responsible for suggesting an appropriate hair care regime based on the client’s preference and hair nature. 
  2. Makeup: Makeup artists are certified professionals are specialize in makeup application techniques and products. They closely work with customers to enhance their look and bring a flawless appearance. A Makeup artist is also expertise in various techniques such as airbrushing, high fashion, prosthetics, light blending, and high definition. 
  3. Nair artist: This is one of the popular professions among beauty enthusiasts. Nail Care specialists are well-trained in providing manicures, pedicures, and other nail care treatments like applying artificial nails. 
  4. Cosmetologists: Cosmetologists are specialized in providing facial treatments and providing other skincare recommendations and treatments. 
  5. Parlor management: Apart from the usual beauty care treatments, beauticians also should possess good management skills, proficient knowledge of beauty products, and communication skills to sell appropriate products to the customers 

Learn new techniques and upgrade your skills The beauty industry is one such industry that will constantly evolve, not only in the terms of style trends but also in products, techniques and tools. Hence, you must upskill yourself with training and latest certification courses to stay updated as a top beauty stylist.