There are very few desk jobs in the hospitality industry. Hospitality professionals are always on-the-go, and their training should be able to keep up. Waiter training and service standards are on a decline. The trends in food and the dining techniques keep on changing every now and then. Therefore, our course provides an objective to provide learners with academic and practical skills for a successful career in the hospitality industry. In many cases, employees require “refresher training”, young individuals require introductory training or entrepreneurs require industry knowledge, in order to strengthen the basic principles of the industry. 

Our training starts from the very basic service rules to make sure every trainee has a base of knowledge. Furthermore, we try to enhance those base skills of the trainees, unless service becomes second nature. Of course, the training course is designed to train new/ current and prepare/ refresh them for the hospitality industry. The course is conducted over a period of 3 months, and it includes theory as well as practical

sessions. The staff test the trainees at regular intervals to analyze the faults in their teaching methods and the learning abilities of the trainees